Sunday, March 6, 2011

Friends :)

Cerita tentang sahabat karib aku ! sebelah kanan aku imran dan sebelah kiri aku lak hykal .
hykal nie bodyguard aku , kalau selalu aku keluar , die asik ikut je aku , aku ckp ape yg aku suruh die buat , die buat jugak , haha , die mmg rajin gile ! imran nie pulak suka bergosip dgn aku , haha , ingat girl je ke bole gosip , boy pun bole lah , org pnggil aku dgn imran nie internet bergerak haha ! sengal :p 
btw iloveyou friends . NEVER SAY NEVER

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My idol ♥

Micheal Jackson: The King Of Pop follows the path of the amzing career of Micheal Jackson from begining as lead singer of the Jackson 5 becoming the undisputed King Of Pop. Being helped,encourage,and the times forced and abused by their father, the Jackson became the jackson 5 and went on to join phenomenal success at motown record.The became the firts artist ever to have their firts four single all become number one Hits .

One listen to Justin Bieber soulful singing voice and youll be hooked on this gorgeous teen heartthrob! This 16-year-old Youtube phenomenon started out posting his performances for his family and friends. Then after a bidding war between Justin Timberlake and Usher, Justin signed with Usher record label. Hes toured with Taylor Swift and is singing his way into tween hearts all over the UK! Read about super-talented Justin in this unauthorized biography from filming videos to where hed go on a first date.